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The evolution arrives to your store

1 device. All the tools to improve the relationship with your customers.

The advantages of using Bonuu!

Increase the average ticket

Increase the product consumption from your current customers.

Create a permanent and updated data base

Keep your customers in a safe and reliable system.

Increase the frequency of purchase

Increase the visits from the existing and new customers.

Know your customers

Get to know your customers by age, location, tastes, preferences and more.

Incrase your revenue

The inevitable consequences of a well used system where clients increase the frequency of visits per month and average ticket, and a higher brand exposure.

Retain the best customers

A satisfied customer is a customer coming back. Bonuu has been designed to satisfied your customers. You have an amazing tool that only large companies have access to, until now.

What does Bonuu! offer?

1. Loyalty system: a points-reward system based on sales.
2. Your Bonuu! page: the place where your customers will find your products, rewards, contact information, logo and more.
3. Analytics and CRM tools: Detailed and segmented information of your clients clasified by age, gender, tastes and preferences, etc.
4. Email marketing: email system* from where you will be able to personalize each campaign according to your customers preferences and tastes.
5. Media social marketing: everytime you load points or reward a customer there will be a story published on their facebook wall** showing the product or reward acquired, and of course your logotype and a link to your Bonuu page.

*Number of emails to send subject to the contracted pack at **Bonuu can only publish stories on facebook when the user has linked their facebook account to Bonuu.

All your loyalty cards in one app: Bonuu!

Available for Android and Iphone

Your customers use the Bonuu! app to get points at your store by reading their QR code in your tablet.

Bonuu! for mobiles allow users to get points at multiple stores with a unique application.

Save money leaving plastic cards in the past.

Bonuu!: Not another lotalty system

Bonuu! is an online loyalty system that allows you to retain and increase your customers frequency visiting your store.

Bonuu works as a CRM (customers relationship manager) giving you a unique marketing and communication tool, which together to a points-rewards system brings unique benefits to your customers giving them more reasons to get back daily.

It costs 6 times more to obtain new clients

Than improving the relationship with the current ones

What are you waiting for to start using Bonuu with your store?

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